BfireSafe@School project received European Fire Safety Award 2021

The award was decided by the European Fire Safety Alliance and Federation of European Fire Officers.

BfiresafeAtSchool award

Welcome to the BfireSafe@School

Programme funded by Erasmus+. This is a newly developed teacher led fire safety education resource for post primary students that is interesting, fun and enjoyable for both teacher and students. The new resource has been developed to place student wellbeing and personal safety at the centre of learning. The resource aims to ensure students learn the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to keep themselves and others from fire.

The learning experienced while participating in this programme will be of use to students in their everyday lives. It will enhance students’ wellbeing throughout their lives and empower students with the necessary skills to be responsible and safe citizens. Please click below and register to reach the learning resources.

Thank you for your interest in the programme!
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